General Info

Respect and Courtesy:

All pupils are expected to treat staff, their fellow pupils and visitors with respect and courtesy at all time. The use of foul language and any form of bullying are unacceptable.


If you are absent let the teacher know when you come back or if you have a brother or sister they should let the teacher know.

School Property and the School Environment:

Pupils must respect all school property, and keep the school environment clean and litter free.


Sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc. are not encouraged. Instead a “Health Eating” policy is promoted within the school. The 4 “C’s” – Crisps, Candy, Chocolate & Chewing Gum are not allowed.

No running in Corridors or Classrooms.

When in class you must remain seated on your chair.

Children must enter & leave the school and the classroom in an orderly manner at all times.

Always wear your full uniform.

Leave your bag/coat in cloakroom on a hook or tidily against the wall or on your chair. Your belongings should never be thrown on the floor.

Bring all your textbooks & copies into classroom & put in your box.
Pupils must have all books and required materials.

Pupils are expected to work to the best of their ability, and to present their exercises neatly.

Pupils are to show respect for their teacher and classmates and to follow their teacher’s instructions. Any instructions or directions given by the supervising teacher are to be complied with.

Pupils must not behave in any way, which endangers themselves or others.

Any behaviour that interferes with the rights of others is unacceptable. Any form of threatening behaviour is unacceptable. If children are being bullied, teachers should be told so that the matter can be dealt with effectively.


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