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School Procedures

St. Colmcille’s N.S. is a Catholic school. The Grow in Love / Alive-O Religion Education Programme is taught in all classes. The school teachers in 2nd and 6th class actively participate in the preparation of children ‘The Sacrament of Penance’, ‘First Holy Communion’ and ‘Confirmation’.

The uniform consists of:
Navy blue trousers and jumper
Blue shirt/t-shirt
Skirts/pinafores are optional for the girls
Tracksuit bottoms and runners are optional but are obligatory on days when the children have physical-education lessons
Parents/Guardians are advised to ensure that their children wear appropriate footwear to school. Parents/Guardians are asked to put their child’s name on all items of clothing as teachers are not responsible for the children’s clothing. In certain cases children may need to change their clothes for example, Gaelic training or swimming. In these cases children must change their clothes in the toilets or in designated areas.

School books
St. Colmcille’s N.S. operates a Book Rental Scheme & all text Books are bought by the school & distributed to children in September. It is expected that where books are lost or damaged that Parents will re-imburse the school for such losses.
Stationary/Workbook lists are given out in June so that Parents/Guardians will be able to purchase them over the summer months. All books and equipment should bear the child’s name.

School Attendance & School Times
The school will open to receive pupils at 9.20 a.m. No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before that time. Classes will commence each day at 9.40 a.m. No pupils should arrive later than 9.30 a.m.
Classes will end each day at 3.00 p.m. (2.00 p.m. for Junior & Senior Infants). Parents who wish to have their children escorted home should make their own arrangements to have them met at the school gate or the school door & the person to escort them should be at the gate/door no later than 3.00 p.m. (2.00 p.m. for Junior & Senior Infants) as the school cannot accept responsibility for looking after the children after that time.
In the case of children travelling by the school bus, the school cannot accept responsibility for escorting them from the bus to the school or from the school to the bus. Parents who feel that their children may need to be escorted in these circumstances should make arrangements to ensure that some escort is provided.
We strongly advise all parents that their children attend school every day. In order to comply with the Education Welfare Act 2000, the school must record a reason for each pupil’s individual absences. Therefore, if a child is absent from school he/she will be expected, on his/her return to school, to bring in a note, written by the parent/guardian, explaining his/her absence. If children expect their child to be absent for an extended period of time they should inform the school as soon as possible.

The school implements the Primary School Curriculum 1999. Languages : English and Irish. Subjects : Mathematics, Social, Environment and Scientific Education, Arts Education including Visual Arts , Music and Drama, Physical Education, & Social, Personal and Health Education. All classes have access to I.T. equipment & the school has a comprehensive e-Learning Plan which has been sanctioned by the Board of Management. Each child has an opportunity to develop I.C.T. skills through use of P.C.’s, I.W.B.’s, Digital Cameras, iPads etc.
Spellings are introduced in 1st class and tables are introduced in 2nd class and all pupil’s should possess a tables book.
The system and style of handwriting taught in our school is Cursive Style Hand writing and is used by the pupil’s in every class throughout St. Colmcille’s N. S.

Learning Support
Each year the children are tested using Standardised Tests for Primary Schools. If these test results show that the child is not performing adequately for his/her age the teacher will recommend the child for learning support. The child’s parents will also be involved in this decision.

Progression of pupils
The Primary School curriculum is designed as an eight year course, including a two year infant cycle followed by six years in standards from first to sixth, with children progressing to the next grade at the end of each school year. The primary curriculum is flexible and child-centred, and can be adapted to meet children’s needs. We assume that all our pupils will progress class by class each year. However, if the issue of a pupil repeating a year arises Circular 32/03 will be consulted. A decision will be made in consultation with the Principal, the Parents/Guardians of the child & the class teacher.

Green Flag
We are the holders of 4 prestigious European Green Flag awards from An Taisce. We received our first Green Flag in 2003 for Litter. We received our second Green Flag in 2005 for Energy Saving. We received our third Green Flag in 2007 for Water Conservation. We received our 4th Green Flag for Travel & we are currently working towards our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity.

Blue Flag
We hope to apply for the Blue Flag Award this school year 2015 – 2016. The Blue Flag Award is given to schools where they  ‘strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community’. Our school hopes to become a recognised ‘Active School’ this year.

Awards of Science & Maths Excellence
Our School decided to take part in the above Science & Maths Excellence Awards during the 2013 –  2014 school year, when we received our first Award. This is an initiative where schools engage in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work. We were again successful in 2014 – 2015 and we are currently working on our third Award during this school year 2015 – 2016.

School – Home Relations
We believe that, in order to function efficiently, there must be at all times good communications between the school and the children’s homes. Parents will be notified of changes, additions to, or deletion from school policy. This will be done via School Newsletter and/or School Website.  If we have to close the school for exceptional reasons e.g. if the heating is gone, we will also contact Parents/Guardians via Text-a-Parent to inform them.

Our parent-teacher meeting usually takes place during November. During this discussion the class teacher will explain the child’s progress at school. If Parents/Guardians are unable to attend an alternative time will be arranged which is convenient to all. School Reports are sent home in June. If Parents wish a follow up meeting can be arranged. At all times Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any queries. As the parents are the Primary Educators of the children we welcome and encourage their interest in their child’s progress.

Health and Safety
In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, it is the policy of the Board of Management to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health & welfare at work of all staff and to protect students, visitors, contractors & other persons at the school from injury and ill health arising from any work activity. The successful implementation of this policy requires the full support and active co-operation of all staff, students, contractors and visitors to the school.

In the interest of Health & Safety we would encourage Parents to take note of the following:

  1. Parents /Guardians must provide the school with their contact telephone number so that the school can contact them immediately in the case of an emergency.
  2. Parents/Guardians are asked to make the teacher aware of any physical disability or allergies which the child has.
  3. Children’s hair should be checked regularly for head-lice. If there is an outbreak of head-lice in the school all parents/guardians will be informed.
  4. Children who are ill should not be sent to school.
  5. Children must also wear suitable footwear at school.

We operate a litter–free school. All litter must be disposed of accordingly – paper for recycling in the recycling basket, Lunch Litter will be taken home & pencil parings etc in the black bins.

Yard Supervision
The school yard is supervised during the school breaks at 11.00 a.m. & again at 12.30 p.m. During school breaks a teacher is always on yard supervision. Parents are advised not to drop off children before 9:20 a.m. and to collect them promptly at 3:00 p.m.

Accident Procedure
Minor accidents are treated at school. Small cuts and grazes are treated with cold water and plasters. If the teacher thinks that the parent needs to be contacted, he/she will do so.

Healthy Eating
Healthy eating is encouraged in our school. We advise parents not to give their child fizzy drinks. The school has a Healthy Eating Policy which is available to Parents on the School Website & by appointment with the Principal.  Children who eat yoghurts at school are asked to bring their own spoon. Parents/Guardians are asked to ensure their child’s drinks are taken to school in suitable containers. In order to maintain a Litter- Free Environment, children must eat their lunch in the classroom before going outside to play. All Lunch Litter is to be taken home.

Mobile Phones
The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the school at anytime throughout the school day. If a child is found in possession or using a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated & given to their parents at the end of the school day.

Where money has to be collected for a special purpose, such as Music, Swimming, School tours etc., the class teacher will take responsibility for keeping all records for his/her own class.

Extra- Curricular Activities
The teachers are not bound by obligation to organise sports events or other activities outside school hours. Those who wish to do so, however, will be given whole–hearted support and encouragement from the rest of the staff. Similarly, help and co-operation from other groups interested in prompting activities for the young, such as GAA, Community Games Committee etc. are appreciated when organising any extra-curricular activity.
Some school activities may take place outside of school hours or away from the school premises e.g. football matches, swimming and school tours. On such occasions children are expected to adhere to the school’s CODE OF DISCIPLINE.
The organisation of the School Tour or outings to places of interest is the responsibility of each individual class teacher. Groups of 2 or more classes sharing similar interests may combine for the purpose of simplifying organisation and supervision. In all cases, details of the proposed tour will be circulated to the parents of all children involved. All children will be supervised throughout the day.

Homework is given on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays but not on a Friday. Parents are requested to sign each child’s homework journal.

All teachers will photocopy on both sides of paper, this as a result will save paper.

Sports Day
Our Sports Day is one of the highlights of the school year and all children thoroughly enjoy it. Teachers actively participate in the organising & supervision of Sports Day.

Keeping of class records and roll book
Every class teacher is responsible for keeping attendance records of his/her own class. The Deputy Principal has overall responsible for maintenance of records & NEWB returns.

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